Prayer Kit

  1. Father, we bless you for your manifold works in our lives since the beginning of the year and for the smooth transition into the 2nd half of 2018. You are the source of every good thing we have handled. We praise and magnify you LORD for you are God all by yourself, there has never been and there will never be any like you for eternity. James 1:17, Isaiah 45:21


  1. Father, I surrender my life to you afresh, I am sorry for the mistakes and wrong choices I have made since the year began, I let go of the works of the flesh – unforgiveness, greed, pride, lust and all forms of negative habit & carnal thoughts, I receive your grace to live a life of sanctification and love towards others. Psalms 51:1-7, I Thes 4:4


  1. Father, deliver me from self-limiting mindsets & sins that are weighing me down & robbing me of intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit – Lord, before your presence today I renounce every evil covenant, unrighteous relationships, and addictions and in the name of Jesus I command every ungodly yoke in my life to break off, and by the blood of Jesus Christ I began to walk in the reality of my freedom in Christ today. Ephes 5:11, II Cor 6:14


  1. Father, we thank you for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. , we bless you for continually defending our dear Nation from attacks from the agents of darkness. Lord you reign supreme!  You have preserved us right from the beginning of the year till now and frustrating the agenda of the enemy against our nation. We give you all the praise! Psalm 33:16, Psalm 127:1-2


  1. Father, thank you for your good hand of grace & favor upon the lives of our Snr. Pastors (Pst. Yemi & Bimbo Davids) as we transit into a greater phase as a ministry – endow your son & daughter with spiritual might, and physical agility to stand firm & administer sound leadership as we aim for the mark of your calling in the ministry you have delivered into their hands. II Chron 1:1, Isaiah 11:1-3, Eph 3:19


  1. Father, we thank you for the body of Christ in Nigeria and for the continuous spiritual & numerical growth we have witnessed this year. We bless your name Lord for our fathers in the faith and all the ministries you have appointed to carry out your assignment and mandate in Nigeria. Romans 12:5, Jeremiah 3:15


  1. Father, we thank you for the covenant night; we give you glory for the testimonies we have witnessed since the inception of the covenant night. Now Lord, cause your greater glory to come down in our midst as we gather again on the 6th of July at the Goodland. Psalms 107:8, Isaiah 64:1-2
  1. Father, we thank you for undeniable and remarkable spring forth testimonies in the 1st half of 2018, Lord, we bless you for diverse healings we have encountered, spiritual restorations, miracle conception and delivery of babies, new jobs, financial and material breakthroughs. Lord, for these and many more we give you all the glory! Job 5:8-11, Isaiah 43:18-21.


  1. Father, I repent of my wrongs, mistake & sins, forgive me for all unrighteousness against you and people, cause the blood of Jesus to purge my conscience from all dead works, so I can serve you in truth all the days of my life. I Jn 1: 8-9, Heb. 9: 14.


  1. Father,  let the refining fire of the Holy Spirit burn off every chaff of negative habit in me, let your refining fire cleanse my spirit & soul from all entanglement of darkness so I can serve you acceptably and exemplify true Christianity.  Mal. 3: 2-3, II Cor. 7:1.


  1. Father, we thank you for your mighty hand behind the continuous growth of GIC from inception till now, we are grateful for the supernatural increase you made us to experience since the beginning of 2018; for you have been adding to your church by the saving of many souls & bringing new members into our midst. We are grateful Lord! John. 6: 44, I cor. 3: 6, Acts 2: 47.


  1. Father, we thank you for the government of our Nation: we thank you for Our president, his Vice, and the entire leadership cabinet. For no one can assume such position without your approval; therefore we ask that you will continually guide and influence their decisions, we decree that whatever policy that is capable of destroying the wellbeing of the people of Nigeria will not stand! I Tim 2:1-3, Prov 21:1.


  1. Father, keep your son & daughter (our Snr Pastors) from the subtlety of Satan. Cause them to walk indiscretion all the time as they drive the ministry operations and the affairs of their home. Guide them continually and let not your mercy and goodness depart from their lives lest the enemy should take advantage of them. Psalms 112:5,  II Cor 2:11.


  1. Father, thank you for your son (our Snr. Pastor). As he prepares towards this great meeting of the covenant right, fill him up with your word for the hour, cause an apostolic & prophetic grace to rest upon his life as you move each one of us to the next level of our lives. Cause the same grace and unction to flow through all our invited guest speakers as they minister unto us. Psalms 107:20, Ephe  6:19.
  1. Father, we bless you for this third day of encounter with your glory. Lord, no one can come to you except you draw them. We are grateful for all the people who joined GIC this year, thank you for the new converts, for your life transforming word in our services that has impacted on our lives & given us direction & a sense of purpose – we are grateful Lord! Acts 2:47,  psalm 119:130.


  1. Father, restore to me the joy of salvation and renew a right spirit within me from henceforth, restore my spiritual fire and prayer fervency so I can continue to be consistent and produce uncommon results in my prayer life. Ps. 51:12, Rom. 8: 26-27.


  1. Father, infuse me with strength & agility in my spirit man, empower me to invest quality time in prayers & fasting so I can continue to grow in power and manifest higher levels of supernatural exploits and  spiritual authority. Eph. 3: 16, Eze. 47: 1-5.


  1. Father, give the body of Christ in Nigeria the grace to align with your plans and purposes so that we will experience your presence and anointing in full measure.  Lord, help us to be spiritually sensitive so we can continue to walk in the truth and your perfect will for our lives and ministry. Jeremiah 29:11, Hebrews 12:15.


  1. Father, as our Snr pastors proclaim your words over our lives, please confirm them with signs & wonders! Establish them as a voice that cannot be despised over our nation & globally as they advance in their walk with you. Let your anointing remain fresh upon them, even as you use them mightily in this second half to establish our spring forth testimonies. Isaiah 44:26; 45:1-2,  psalms 92:10.


  1. Father, even as our dear nation (Nigeria) move towards the 2019 general elections, cause your mighty hand to rest upon our nation- Lord, you are the king of kings! Therefore, do not allow the counsel of the ungodly to prosper, frustrate every politician with an intention to carry out an evil agenda in Nigeria. Isaiah 8:9-10; 46:10,  Lamentation 3:37.


  1. Father, in the name of name of Jesus we quench every arrow of darkness attempting to hinder the move of your Spirit at the covenant night, by the blood of Jesus we consecrate every volunteer team members of our church and the equipment we will be using and in the name of Jesus we bring & subject the atmosphere under the total control of the Holy Spirit – Lord, let no agent of darkness gain access into our midst. I Peter 5:8, Isaiah 52:11,  II Cor 10:5.
  1. Father, I adore you for the blessing of a new day, thank you for our Senior Pastors (Pst. Yemi & Bimbo Davids) for continually using them to be a blessing to us. We are grateful for your grace & wisdom upon their lives thereby enabling them to lead well – Lord, thank you for the same grace is at work in all of our pastors and making them practical examples to the church. Jer. 3:15, I Tim. 4:12.


  1. Father, deliver me from self-limiting mindsets & sins that are weighing me down & robbing me of intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit – Lord, before your presence today I renounce every evil covenant, unrighteous relationships, and addictions and in the name of Jesus I command every ungodly yoke in my life to break off, and by the blood of Jesus Christ I begin to walk in the reality of my freedom in Christ today. Ephes 5:11, II Cor 6:14.


  1. Father, fill me afresh with the Holy Spirit to always focus and seek the things that are pure, lovely and of good report – take away the vengeful spirit from me, overwhelm me, with your love so that the enemy will not take advantage of me to bring me back into bondage again.  Phil 4:8,  Hebrews 12:15, I Peter 4:8.


  1. Father, by the blood of Jesus we disarm and expose every plan of the enemy to shed blood of innocent people, to kill or destroy lives and properties in our Nation. Now, we deploy the angels of God across all states in Nigeria to quench every planned attack in Jesus name. And everywhere in the spirit or physical realm where they are gathering to carry out evil we command them to be scattered! Psalm 89:9, Isaiah 54:17, Psalm 103:20.


  1. Father, thank you for our covenant night coming up on Friday. Lord, cause our hearts to be open to your word coming to us that night! We destroy every form of distraction. Whatever is the challenge in the lives of your people, let the hammer of your word crush it, by the power of your living word, crush spiritual blindness, bareness, sicknesses & diseases and everything that represent an oppression of the enemy – Lord, let it be a night of restoration for all! Ephe 1:17, II Cor 4:4, Jer 23:29.


  1. Father, I thank you for accepting to lead & guide me. You know the end from the beginning Lord! Therefore I submit and yield myself to you. Open my spiritual eyes and ears to understand what you are saying and give me the grace to follow your leading always so that I will enjoy the fullness of your blessings. Psalm 32:8-9, John 10:27.


  1. Father, thank you for the validity of your word, particularly the Springforth prophetic word for 2018. We bless you because no circumstances are strong enough to hinder its fulfillment. Therefore, Lord we ask that you arise and execute your word and cause our ministry (GIC) to emerge and Springforth into higher levels of glory and impact. II Peter 1:19, Psalm 119:89.
  1. Father, we thank you for the Goodland campus! It is your land and therefore your eyes will continue to be upon it to preserve & protect it. Lord, we thank you for frustrating the evil plot of agents of darkness.  We thank you for the development that has continued to take place within and around the Goodland since we moved in. Deut.  11:12, Isaiah 60:13.


  1. Father, baptize me afresh with passion & zeal for you & your kingdom. Let my heart be a reflection of your heart, particularly in sharing the love of Christ winning souls into your kingdom – please Lord! Make me a shining light to unbelievers thereby leading them to the Lord & getting them established in the church.  Psalms 69:9, Psalms 51:12-13.


  1. Father, amplify the intensity of your word in our services, particularly our covenant night, Lord causes the light of your word to flood our souls, send your mighty wind to attract multitudes all over Lagos and in all the communities and environs around the Goodland. By the blood of Jesus, we consecrate July 6th and We deploy angels for the safety of everyone attending the covenant night. Heb. 1: 3, Psalms 91:10-12,  Acts 13: 44.


  1. Father, take away everything blocking my ability to hear you! I renounce sin and all forms of darkness by the blood of Jesus. Lord I receive grace to be spiritually minded & I put to death all works & manifestations of the flesh standing as a barrier to my spiritual life. Romans 8:5, Rev 1:10.


  1. Father, thank you for your mercy that prevails over judgment.  You are the God of restoration! Lord, show me what I must do to experience total restoration especially in the 2nd half of 2018. I receive the grace to be humble and spiritually sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we look forward to a winning second half in 2018. I sam 30:7-8, Isaiah 48:17.


  1. Father, we thank you for being a mighty fortress over our senior pastors, the team of Pastor's, the entire church membership and the Goodland campus! We bless you, Lord, for being faithful to the covenant and have continually silenced all the enemies that rose up against us. We give you all the praise Lord! Psalm 91:1, Psalm 74:20.


  1. Father, by the blood of Jesus Christ we cancel every appointment with death amongst us.  In the name of Jesus, We quench every arrow of sickness and disease shot at any member of GIC. We declare that our children are preserved!  Psalm 102:19-20, Isaiah 54:17.


  1. Father, by your Mercy, rise and establish every member of GIC.  Lord, tear down the stronghold of stagnation and cause us to move forward. Lord, remove from us every negative attitude and carelessness so that our lives will shine forth! Let no one is left behind in the fulfillment of the Springforth prophetic word! I Peter 5:10, Isaiah 43:18-21, Hebrews 4:1.
  1. Father, thank you for strength to continue unto on this day in which we will be gathering for the covenant night,  empower me by the Spirit to be vigilant and fervent in prayers so I can continue to overcome all temptations on my path. Lord, sanctify me wholly, spirit, the soul of the body so I can remain a vessel of honor to you and to fully partake of the blessings of tonight Math. 26: 41, Rom 8: 26-27, I Thess. 5: 23.


  1. Father, we thank you because all souls belong to you and you possess the power to reign in the lives of Men. Therefore, by the blood of Jesus, we decree that every resistance from the powers of darkness be destroyed as we embark on the reach out campaign all through the year. We demand that every spiritual captive is released from the chains of darkness! Zech. 9: 11-12, Eze. 18:4.


  1. Father, we demand the salvation of multitudes and families scattered all over the communities within Lagos state; by the blood of Jesus, we command the blindfold over their hearts to be removed. Now, we subdue the territorial forces of darkness by keeping them in disobedience and we decree that the glorious gospel of Christ begins to flood the hearts of the people! II Cor. 4: 34, Ps. 2: 8.


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, stir up the zeal & commitments of our new converts and new members towards your kingdom, capture & consume their hearts with your love so that they will continue to identify with Christ openly, thereby leading others to Christ. Haggai 1: 14, Rom. 1:16.


  1. Father, I receive grace to consistently fellowship with the Holy Spirit and to be conversant with His voice & leadings. Holy Spirit, help me to always acknowledge your presence & keep me away from things that grieve you as I grow in intimacy & love with you. Romans 8:14;16. Ephe 4:30.


  1. Father, send us the rain of your anointing! Let it empower each member of GIC with uncommon ideas and innovations that will single them out in their careers,  jobs and businesses. Lord, the way you distinguished Joseph, create chances and opportunities for us to rise into wealth and prominence in our nation and beyond the shores of Nigeria. Zech 10:1, Psalm 105:19-21.


  1. Father, you sent Jesus to give me abundant life, Lord, let that life prevail over all negative circumstances surrounding our lives. We demand the restoration of lost health amongst members of GIC, lost of spiritual vitality, lost favor, years, lost opportunities and finances. Let the remaining part of 2018 be validated by mind-blowing breakthroughs in GIC and lives of our members. John 10:10, Joel 2:25-26
  1. Father, we thank you for your unprecedented visitation at the just concluded covenant night.  We appreciate you for every couple & families in GIC. Lord, you are the head of our homes; therefore we invite you to take charge of our families. Help our men to give your word the first place in their lives and homes, fill our women with grace & virtue to plan their role as faithful wives & mothers so that our homes will be in harmony.  Eccl  4:12,  Acts  20:32.


  1. Father, thank you for helping us thus far in the REACH OUT CAMPAIGN,  NOW, we lay claim over the people you have ordained for salvation and by the blood of Jesus we destroy all satanic interferences that may attempt to hinder their acceptance of the gospel, like you opened the heart of Lydia, cause them to respond favourably to us. Acts 13: 48, Acts 16: 25.


  1. Father, grant us supernatural utterance so that we will speak with the wisdom that cannot be resisted or contested. As we march into the areas and communities subdue the people before us and let the name of Christ be exalted. II Thess. 3: 1, Luke 21: 15.


  1. Father, grant me the grace and tenacity to do all that is required to enjoy total restoration- take away the negative heart of unbelief and help me bridle my tongue so I would speak the right words and not spoil the good work you have begun to do in my life. Joshua 1:8, I Peter 3:8, Philippians 1:6.


  1. Father, let revival sweep through our homes! Restore every backslidden husband or wife. We break the influence of darkness in our homes that is out to destroy the destiny of our men, women & our children. By the Blood of Jesus, we reclaim every one of them who had gone astray from the faith and fellowship. Luke 22:31-32, Eph 1:7.


  1. Father, open our eyes to see where we missed it in the 1st half of the year, help me to sincerely examine my life and take right steps. Endow us with the courage to rise above all limitations, regrets, and discouragement so that we can commit to meeting the covenant demands to enjoy Springforth testimonies. Luke 15:17-18, I Sam 30:6-8.


  1. Father, even as we approach the latter part of 2018, cause your presence to go with us, level all adversity on our path. We consecrate the remaining months of 2018 and decree that there shall be no loss amongst the GIC family. Hab 2:2-6, Deu 11:12, Psalm 108:123.


  1. Father,  we thank you for our Snr Pastors (Pastors Yemi and Bimbo Davids). Lord, cause your grace to be fresh upon them, as they go about carrying out your assignment defend them and silence everyone who attempts to stand in their way! We declare that their children are preserved and will continue to be a source of joy and inspiration to them and their generation. Psalm 89:20-23, Isaiah 54:13.




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